How Seo And Content Marketing Go Hand And Hand Together

If you spend any time in the world of online marketing, it’s likely that you’ve heard of content marketing. Content marketing is the practice of creating high-quality, specific content that appeals to a company’s target audience, and then publishing that content on a variety of social media and other web-based platforms. Content marketing is huge…

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Why Your Online Marketing Should Be Like Planet Fitness

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I must admit the gym bug bit me. After sitting at my computer working for months on various projects, I didn’t notice, well I couldn’t see my feet as much as I used too. It also doesn’t help that your girlfriend has a fitness model figure either. This motivated me to want to find a…

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3 Strategic Ways Smart Business Owners Use Sales Funnels To Dominate Their Market In 2015

You wake up, and check your email inbox, and it’s flooded with leads and not just advertisements. How awesome would that be? Would be pretty cool, right? I’ll tell you that when you have an automated sales process online that does a good job of nurturing your prospects, then getting leads and sales is only…

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How to generate leads online for your business


  Heck, it’s no secret that learning how to generate leads online can be challenging. Unfortunately, most people make a lot of mistakes along the way which can drain both time and money. Within the past few years, we have simplified the process to allow you to generate leads online like clock-work. Are you struggling…

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4 Mistakes In Selling That Is Draining Your Wallet


Your sales and marketing department should always work side-by-side to avoid the common mistakes which could potentially have a negative impact in your business revenue. Taking time to strategically analyze your sales department can have a direct impact in getting a better return on your marketing budget. This short article will help you avoid common…

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The Secret Sauce To Getting More Repeat Customers


“Thanks, Mike. It was a pleasure serving you. We look forward to doing business with you soon”. Congrats, you’ve made the sale! So, is it really over?

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10 Awesome And Low Cost Tools To Increase Productivity


Having the right tools in your toolbox will help you get the job done with less effort being put to figure out what’s working and what’s not. We use technology to our advantage in order to increase our overall productivity. Below you will find the ten tools we rely on to increase our productivity in…

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4 Sweet Tactics To Always Having Customers Pay You For Life


  Being in the field of marketing has opened up endless possibilities for strengthening our brand over the years. However, nothing matches the art of getting top-notch referrals from customers who love our product and services. It makes the sales process much smoother while helping us build a strong following and increasing our customer’s lifetime…

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5 Kick Ass Steps To Making Your Small Business Marketing Standout


The key to creating a top-notch marketing campaign for your small business rrevolves around getting your prospects to know, like and trust you. You have to take time to really understand how everything in your business revolves around relationships. We’ve incorporated the following 5 strategies below to grow our business and we hope that you…

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The Social Sales Funnel Case Study


Today, I want to show you how I build out my funnels for using the social sales funnel so you can copy it for your business. Once your offers start converting by using this sales funnel then it will open a whole new set of doors for your business.

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