Why Your Online Marketing Should Be Like Planet Fitness

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I must admit the gym bug bit me. After sitting at my computer working for months on various projects, I didn’t notice, well I couldn’t see my feet as much as I used too. It also doesn’t help that your girlfriend has a fitness model figure either.

This motivated me to want to find a gym to join. Recently, I had done p90x and lost 30 pounds, but doing the same workouts again and again just made me lose motivation. I needed at least a few times a week to switch things up and get out.

I went to charter fitness, which is a little gym by house and to be honest it didn’t motivate me to want to join the gym. Then after seeing a new gym called Planet Fitness open by my house I was eager to check it out. I was completely blown away when I walked in.

Planet Fitness had a system that attracted their ideal client, and I was excited to workout. I immediately joined and motivated to go.

But here is something even more interesting. Planet Fitness often gets criticized for it’s marketing. It often offers pizza and slogans to people who don’t work out.

But you know who typically criticizes Planet Fitness? The ones who aren’t their ideal client and usually those in shape.

Here is another differentiating thing I saw in planet fitness. There were a lot of overweight people. No offense as stated I can’t see my feet anymore (I’m working on it 😉

At the other gym, there were other people who were in shape and that intimidated me as well. Planet Fitness doesn’t cater to the traditional fit person although they can still workout. Planet Fitness wants the often ignored but huge market, the out of shape prospect.

When you visit the gym, they’ve created smart system to help keep you motivated. The purple colors all around keep you excited and the perks.

But again they draw much criticism, and often fit people make fun of the people who try to get at least in shape. Here is the truth, Planet Fitness gets it, and it’s a valuable lesson for you and your online business.

Don’t follow the herd, but focus only on your ideal prospect. Here are some major tips for things you can learn from PlanetFitness and their market:

Only give a shit about your prospect and not what others may think:

Sure there are things in their like the ringing bell to make a guy go crazy, but everything from the way their gym is set up to their sayings all focus on the crowd that is frequently ignored.

Focus on understanding the segment of your market that is often ignored and cater to them. If your marketing is good enough people will often criticize you, which means your headed in the right direction.

Lure your prospect with the right bait

Planet Fitness was often criticized for offering Free Pizza to people trying to workout. This sounds ludicrous when looked at through the eyes of the fitness buff, but through the eyes of the prospect not so much.

If a prospect isn’t working out and eating pizza, and you offer them what they are doing and a chance to get moving, which is better? Sure, most will stay in their bad habits, but some will take on a better lifestyle and PlanetFitness gets this.

They are often criticized for some of their marketing strategies, but I think some of is genius. They get it, and it’s a learning lesson for you.

Sometimes the traditional way of giving your prospects what they need is conflicting and you may not attract your ideal clients or attract the I’ve been there and done that type of clients.

Once again give your clients bait that they already want and when they enter your funnel, educate them on what they need. Trying to change what someone is already doing will kill you and your business fast….

Stop Being Fucking Boring

There I said it. Sure me saying that will offend some people, but I don’t care why because I’m me. Some people will be offended and some won’t. Your role isn’t to cater to the small percentage of people who will complain and often complain of anything. Your role as a business owner online is to stand out and be free. Be you…

That what makes you unique. Show it through it through your brand and others who are your ideal client will see that. This is what PlanetFitness does and so should you.

All in all the biggest lesson is those that market the best wins. I tell clients all the time. Your landing page software doesn’t matter, your fancy autoresponder doesn’t matter, and your new website is worthless if you’re not designing all those things around your prospect and what they want.

Stop giving your market what you want and give them what they want. Cater to a segment of the market that is being ignored and grow your business like a boss.

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Until next time. Market widely and profit….

To your success,

Justin Burns

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    awesome article.. know your market and cater to it! Agree 100%