4 Sweet Tactics To Always Having Customers Pay You For Life



Being in the field of marketing has opened up endless possibilities for strengthening our brand over the years. However, nothing matches the art of getting top-notch referrals from customers who love our product and services. It makes the sales process much smoother while helping us build a strong following and increasing our customer’s lifetime value over time.

What your current and past customers say about your brand will ultimately play a key role in validating your marketing claims. In today’s growing world of social media, prospects can find out what others have to say about your brand before they even get on the line with you. Therefore, others thoughts and opinions are important, which is why you must always be enlisting a winning team of customers who will always be in your corner. You have to view your customers as part of your team and include them in your overall marketing strategy to amplify your business efforts.

You want to create an experience that will have your customers telling everyone about you. If you take your time to follow these four sweet tactics, then you will not only raise the bar in your business but have your customers raving about your brand.

 #1. Make sure you’re both on the same page

Being on the same page is going beyond your call of duty. When you’re communicating with your customers, you want to create an amazing emotional connection to let your customers know that you care. Caring is knowing that your customers want to engage in a way that respects their time and lets them know that you actually understand their needs. You must always be sure to give them time, attention and great service. They don’t want to feel like they’re talking to a robot who is reading  a script. We all want that human connection so be thoughtful,  caring and clear.  Your customers will not only be happy but feel like they owe you for all that you have done for them.

  #2. Online Conversations

Does Facebook and Twitter bore you? Maybe it’s time to reconsider your game plan. Engagement is what separates the rookies from the pros in the field of social media. Make sure you’re actively answering your prospects and customers concerns since everybody is watching your every move. If you want to build a strong foundation for your brand, then you want to devote some time out of your day to show that you care by being active with your social media efforts. There are many tools that make this process a bit easier like Hootsuite so be sure to check it out.

customer conversation

 #3.Developing Strong Rapport

Whether you’re dealing with clients, you see face-to-face or clients you talk to on the phone, nothing will ever come close to actual human interaction. If you have to take some time to visit your customers to check up on their business, do what you have to do to get the sale. You can consider taking them out for Starbucks or giving away some perks to let them know how much you care. It’s the small things like sending out a personalized card that puts that human touch in the way you do business. All these things come with benefits to developing stronger rapport with your customers and potential clients. The word-of-mouth, social media and one-on-one time will prove to be key in the exponential growth for your business.

  #4. Be thankful and honest to set the right expectation

Be grateful for the opportunities that you have to showcase your brand. Take personal time not just to write a positive public comment to praise a great review from a satisfied customer, but also send them something to let them know how much you care. You don’t have to spend a lot to accomplish this so take the time to mail out a simple ‘thank you’ card, and it will go a long way. Don’t just let technology be your ultimate medium to connect with your customers or prospects. Human touch and personalization will set you apart from the rest since it’s the little acts like that will go a long way in building long lasting relationships.

thank you

Honesty in your business is also something that will help you build trust for the long haul. Customers gravitate towards people they know, like and trust. It’s up to you to be able to admit when you’re wrong. In the business world, mistakes will be made, and expectations will tend to shift. You must always position yourself to be in control and set all the deliverables to be in alignment with your work to set the appropriate expectations. It’s never the just the problem that makes customers angry; it’s essentially the process on how you respond to the problem. If expectations are not being met, don’t be afraid, just to apologize, thank them for their honest feedback and proceed to offer a solution to move forward. When you take the time to show customers that you would go the extra mile, it will go a long way to having customers stay with you and pay you for life.