4 Mistakes In Selling That Is Draining Your Wallet


Your sales and marketing department should always work side-by-side to avoid the common mistakes which could potentially have a negative impact in your business revenue. Taking time to strategically analyze your sales department can have a direct impact in getting a better return on your marketing budget. This short article will help you avoid common selling mistakes in order to keep your marketing healthy and right on budget.


#1 You’re not targeting your “ideal” clients.

When a company is encountering hard times, you will notice a common tendency for the business to desperately search for just about anyone who is willing to pay for their product or services, However, this typically results in them bringing in prospects who are unqualified and unwilling to pay what you’re worth, since they fail to see the true value that your business brings to their bottom line. Use your existing customer list to narrow down the top traits of your top customers. The sales and marketing departments should always seek to sit down together and get clear on what is the profile of your “ideal” customer. Next, both teams need to sit down and target prospects that fit the profile for your particular market. If you find fewer customers that are actually paying you more for your services, then you will come out on top since having more with less profit is not in your best interest.


#2. You’re not being clear and selective with your prospects.

Every prospect can express a genuine interest in your product but that doesn’t automatically qualify them as your ideal client. You must be focused on things beyond the fact that they find your product or service to be “interesting”. You must be willing to work with your marketing department to pre-qualify and nurture your leads. The last thing you want is to schedule your precious time with prospects who don’t meet the core qualifications to move forward with your services. You want to make sure that they are qualified and have the budget you need to fit your business model. We tend to accomplish this by asking questions in regards to their business/occupation, current income and goals for the upcoming months. This in turn allows us to better connect with the client and figure out what package might suit them better before we even get on the line.


#3. You lack the credibility and expertise factor

In sales, your goal is to guide your prospect through a process where you are able to meet and solve their needs by asking questions that ultimately positions you has the obvious solution. Prospects can get all the information needed from your marketing and sales team but again, your team must be able to ask provide answers which really make your expertise shine during your sales meeting. By asking the right questions and showing your expertise, then you will start to build more credibility and close the sale. When you are able to add these important factors, then you will notice the sales process to be much smoother. Don’t ever doubt the power of video testimonials, statistics and awards which will help you build a stronger presence in the eyes of your prospect.


#4. You’re running in circles by not asking the right questions

Sometimes you have to ask the “tough” questions in order to identify the real problems and provide the best suited solutions. And yes, there will be times where you will have to step away from a sale because they’re not a good fit for your product or service. You also must not rush during your presentation. When you have the sales process systematized, then you will have a very good idea on what your average call or meeting typically should last. You will be amazed at how much time you will save and the amount of qualified prospects you will bring to your business to ramp up sales. When you have a confident and knowledgeable sales team then you will bring more value by applying this important principle. You will be able to weave out the bottlenecks who are draining time from your valuable business and devaluing your product and services.

The last thing you want is to drain out your valuable marketing budget, so we hope that you’re sure to avoid these four common mistakes in your business. Please feel free to share this with anyone who you think will find this helpful.