3 Strategic Ways Smart Business Owners Use Sales Funnels To Dominate Their Market In 2015

You wake up, and check your email inbox, and it’s flooded with leads and not just advertisements.

How awesome would that be?

Would be pretty cool, right?

I’ll tell you that when you have an automated sales process online that does a good job of nurturing your prospects, then getting leads and sales is only a matter of having the right systems in place.

Over the past five years, we’ve been working a lot with online sales funnels- Both for our in-house products and clients as well…

Before I get into the types of funnels we use that could dominate any niche, let’s start off with a very important metric that is typically overlooked by most business owners.

Doubling any advertising we spend on our funnel.

So if we spend $1, we want to make a $1. But what’s even better is if we spend $2,000 and we pull in $4,000 in revenue.

Luckily, we’ve put together hundreds of sales funnels for every kind of product that you can imagine.

But there is a big elephant in the room that I want to share with you that will put you ahead of the competition.


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You may have heard that Facebook ads are an easy way to get targeted traffic to your sales funnel. There are tons of courses and strategies out there.

But there is also a new horizon of Facebook marketing that is upon us. If you haven’t heard, Facebook Ad accounts are getting banned left and right.

It’s not because Facebook is out for advertisers. Heck, it’s their main bread and butter, but they must first serve their user base and make sure they are getting what they really want, and that is content.

So in essence, in order for Facebook Ads to become profitable for your business you must embrace the new strategy of native FB advertising.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s review the funnel in depth by going over each step.

  • FB ad > Native Content Piece
  • Native Content Piece > Lead Magnet > Profitable Sales Funnel>

A native content piece is simply content that is awesome, and that solves your markets deepest problems and challenges.

Ultimately you want this piece to provide a ton of value and not just vague content.

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This post is centered mostly around sales funnels. I’ll cover more Facebook marketing in other posts, so for now let’s go to step one:

Step 1: Native Content Piece

As noted above, this piece is designed to educate your prospects at the highest level, and pre-educate and nurture them first.

So often, most sales funnels send prospects directly to the opt-in page. It’s like going to a restaurant and before ordering having them asking for your credit card information up front. Typically this is how most of the market is taught.

According to ShareThrough.com, a leading native advertising data source, it says that native ads are showing an 18% lift in purchase intent.

This means you’ll get better quality traffic and buyers if you include native ad page in your marketing

Here are examples of some awesome native ad content pages.




Each of your native ad posts is designed to lead them into your lead magnet, which if you’ve done an excellent job, will then make the prospect want what you to have offer.

This will continue the process and relationship building with your prospect.

You can do this by offering your lead magnet at the bottom of your native ad post:

Like what Leadpages does here:

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 2.55.35 PM

Step 2: Choosing a Lead Magnet:

First and foremost, you want to know your market inside and out. Write down a list of 5-7 situations they’re facing in their business right now that your product or service solves.


1. Lead problems
2. Conversion issues
3. No automation for their business

Next, you would simply create a lead magnet that solves your market’s problem. Again, if my market struggled with generating leads in their business, then I would create a lead magnet that might say something like:

Free cheat sheet reveals: 3 ways to automate your online…

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A lead magnet can come in different forms, and we tend to focus on a couple that works well for us:

1. PDF Reports (These are typically 3-5 page summary reports
2. Cheat Sheets- These are typically 1-2 pages and a reference guide for prospects
3. Webinars
4. Case Study Videos
5. Physical Products

Step 3: The Right Sales Funnel:

Now it’s time to pick the right sales funnel. Finally, right?

The sales funnel you choose really depends on what your end objective and goal is.

Here are the four main sales funnels we deploy in our business:

1. Targeted Lead Generation Funnel:

The lead-gen funnel is simply a squeeze page in which we give away our lead magnet and follow up with emails. This is simple to set up, but you must understand what your market and prospects truly want.

It typically looks like this:

Funnel Example:

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 2.29.11 PM

2. The Product Funnel:

The product funnel is designed to sell a product but with a series of strategic processes.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 2.29.20 PM

The first offer is usually less than $100 and has a series of upsells and down sells.

Each of those products and services then lead to your backend that includes your high-end coaching or service business.

The 3rd funnel is the Video Series Funnel:

This is a funnel that comes in either 3 or 4 part video series that educates and nurtures prospects on what it is that you’re teaching.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 2.29.28 PM

The 4th funnel: The Webinar Funnel

This is where a webinar is held, and you host a webinar with the objective of selling a product or service.

So how could you use sales funnels and strategic marketing to get customers and prospects?

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 2.29.33 PM

How do I get started?

It begins with understanding your prospect’s most pressing problems and deploying the right marketing strategy to help you grow your business.

In order to help you grow your business even more. I’ve put together a free webinar training that goes into great detail about this system and walks you through this process.

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