10 Awesome And Low Cost Tools To Increase Productivity


Having the right tools in your toolbox will help you get the job done with less effort being put to figure out what’s working and what’s not. We use technology to our advantage in order to increase our overall productivity.

Below you will find the ten tools we rely on to increase our productivity in marketing, communication and sales.

Basecamp – This is a powerful tool that makes our life easier by allowing all of our team members to communicate and work together with our clients. It’s simply the best project management tool out there in the market. It’s a place to share files, collaborate, have discussions, assign tasks and keep up with due dates. Basecamp is secure and can be accessed from anywhere at anytime

Wufoo – The ultimate online form builder. This is a fully customizable form and survey tool that we use for both marketing, consulting and client communication. You can integrate it with many popular programs and coding experience is not required to make you look like a pro.

Skype – One of the best platforms to stay connected to people via live calls, chat and webcam. Skype keeps the world talking. Feel free to call, message and share whatever you want with your contacts. You can also record calls and use those for interviews like we do for our podcasts. Skype also offers the most competitive rates for unlimited local and long distance calls which we use to talk to our customers or potential prospects who are outside of the US.

Google Apps – This is the better and simple way of working at your fingertips. You have full access to web based email, calendar and documents that allows you to work from anywhere. You can access documents, spreadsheets, presentation and much more which can be edited in real time with yourself or team members. You are allowed to share your work online with your contacts or keep things private for personal access.

DropBox– If you love storing things on the cloud for easy access then you will love Dropbox.  Dropbox has become our default server in the cloud. We are able to store files as backup and there’s the sharing and sweet collaboration features that will blow your mind. You’re able to send files over a couple of megs via the public folder. You have the option to view the contents immediately from the Dropbox link or download it to your computer for future reference. We use this to share private video recordings and tutorials for our customers.

Pipedrive – One of the simplest and effective CRM (customer relationship management) tools in the market. This is the sales pipeline software that gets you organized. It will help you focus on the right deals, so easy to use that it will make your salespeople love it. You can also integrate it with Gmail and keep track of all your email communication relevant to your leads. You’re able to add notes, set reminders and upload files to keep everything moving forward until you close the sale.

Yesware – Have you ever wondered what happens after you click ‘send’ from your inbox? With Yesware you can track emails and presentations in real-time, create templates, log calls to CRM (Pipedrive) and more right from the comfort of your inbox. We use it a lot to track who opens our emails and set reminders so that we can follow up with prospects if they don’t reply back. You can also track the actual email attachments to make sure they have received it successfully. You can also use their custom report feature to track open rates within your different email campaigns.

Hoosuite – This is the all in one social media management tools that continues to revolutionize the way we communicate. Their social media dashboard allows you to manage and measure the performance of your social networks. You’re able to access facebook, linkedin, twitter and wordpress from the comfort of one location with responsive analytics tools.

Fiverr – What do you need done for $5? We use them to get the most bang for our buck. Fiverr has one of the largest marketplace for services, starting at $5. Whether you’re looking for graphic design, online marketing, video animation and custom audio recording, you will find something to use on Fiverr. We have used their services for the creation of video intros and audio to match our brand. As you continue to grow you will find more expensive gigs in their site but they’re well worth it. You can always compare their ratings to choose the best of the best for your next gig.

Odesk – You will find the world’s largest online marketplace, where over one million companies hire the best freelancers to get the job done. You can choose from active portfolios to help you choose the best candidate, post a job and search for other services you may need. You can tackle any project on your own timeline and terms. With Odesk you can post, hire, track and pay your freelancer. You are able to outsource anything from graphic design to software development from the comfort of your laptop.

So, there you have it. I hope you already have some of these tools in force and perhaps you will check them out if they’re new to you. We encourage you to try them out and would love to hear what you’re currently using on how it has been working out for you.